7 Wonderful Benefits of Synthetic Turf in your Garden

Synthetic or artificial turf is now widely used for various applications. For example, it is being used in various sports such as baseball, American football, field hockey, and soccer. In addition to this, artificial turf is being used in homes, commercial areas, industrial zones, and others. In this post, let us found out why artificial turf is growing in popularity. Here are the different benefits of artificial turf.

Low maintenance costs

Compared to the real and natural grass, synthetic turf is more cost-effective. While it is true that synthetic turf is more expensive when it comes to installation price, the long-term savings will outweigh the initial cost. One estimates that in a yearly basis, the maintenance cost of synthetic turf will only total to $5,000. Compare this to the $35,000 upkeep cost for natural grass.

No need to use pesticides

When you use natural grass, there is a good chance that pests will make the grass unhealthy. To prevent this, pesticides is used. As effective as this chemical may be, there are certain repercussions that an owner should consider. Pesticides may be harmful to humans and animals. It may even pollute soil and the surrounding bodies of water.

Increased durability

You might have watched football or soccer games. Most professional games are played on a field made with synthetic turf. When it comes to durability, synthetic turf is much tougher and stronger; thus, making it an ideal choice when it comes to heavy use. With good maintenance practices, a properly installed synthetic turf may last up to 10 years.

More playability

When you compare artificial turf with natural grass, the former is much better compared to the latter. For example, some games are being cancelled during rainy season. With wet fields and puddle of mud, people can hardly play their best. Compare that with artificial turf. Players can still play at their best even if it rains hard.

Fewer injuries

When your field is in good condition, there will be little or no injury that can happen. With natural grass, players can easily destroy the field. Continuous use of the field may lead to potholes or slippery mud. Thankfully, artificial turf is strong enough to endure prolong use.

Easy installation

Depending upon the expertise and skills of the company that install your artificial turf, it will only take a few days for the installation process to be done. This is not the case with natural grass. You have to prepare the field, plant the grass, wait for it to take root, and mow the lawn as needed. When a portion of a synthetic turf is damaged, it can easily be replaced.


Since there is lesser routine maintenance needed for artificial turf, you don’t need to spend too many resources. For example, since you don’t have to mow the grass, you save gas and decrease your carbon footprints. Artificial turf can save water as well.

These are the benefits and advantages of using artificial turf. Undeniably, there are also some drawbacks in using this type of grass. Therefore, I will recommend that you weigh the pros and cons of this option.

I Love Lawn Tractors, They are Great Little Toys for Big Boys!

I love lawn tractors, I really do, honestly! I don’t know why, they are small tractors, I guess I love the size, I don’t know. I love them the same way I used to love ponies when I was a kid. Now I am a grown up, right? So, I love tractors, lawn tractors, that is! This is why I actually purchased one, (a Honda lawn tractor), I read about it as being the best there is.

I started to study them at first because they intrigued me. Then I started to realize they are quite handy around the house. You can actually do a lot of things with them, from pulling things around to mowing the lawn. And for big boys, like us (right?), they are great! When the wife says you should mow the lawn, well, it’s always a pleasure to ride the tractor.

I even started to learn a bit about fixing them, since now and then something happens. At first I used to call the mechanic to help me, but since I like them so much, I started to take a closer look and soon I realized I understood what was all about, they are not that different from a small vehicle! And they are cool too!

My boy also loves them, I guess it comes from joining me in the garden in the evening, we sometimes take small rides together with the tractor. We named him Sam, after an old and grumpy uncle of mine, I don’t know why, but it reminds me of him. My wife laughed when she heard how we named it and she immediately adopted the name too: Sam, our beloved lawn tractor!

Now I plan to buy something for Sam, a small cart, to make it easier to mow the lawn. This way, Sam will be complete and, I guess we will have more fun while working. And you know what? Sam, our lawn tractor doesn’t know about it yet, so…let’s keep it a secret for the moment!

How to Ensure the Authenticity of Antiques before You Buy Them

45235-1The antiques and collectibles market is thriving, and unfortunately, that can attract a lot of scam artists. There are many dealers who pass off fake items as antiques, taking in your hard-earned money in exchange for a worthless item.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure the authenticity of antiques before you buy them and avoid being taken by a scam artist:

Get an Appraisal

An appraisal is the best way to ensure that an antique is authentic. An appraisal can give you an approximate date for the item and can tell you whether it was made by the designer or manufacturer that is claimed. You can also learn the approximate value of an item, making sure you are paying the right price.

Get Documentation

It’s not always possible to get an appraisal before you buy an item. Instead, you should try to get as much documentation as possible. Look for certificates of authenticity, warranties, bills of sale and any other information that tells you the item is what it claims to be. Inspect the documentation carefully, as this can also be forged.

Shop with a Reputable Dealer

Though there are no guarantees, shopping with a reputable dealer can greatly decrease the risk that you pick up a counterfeit antique. Look for someone who has been in the business awhile and who has earned a reputation for selling quality antiques. Ask for referrals if you don’t know where to start. You can also do your research online. If a dealer has any history of selling questionable items or providing bad service, you will find out about it right away through negative online reviews.

While there are never any guarantees that you won’t buy a counterfeit antique, these simple steps can help you to reduce your risk so that you can feel good about the investment you are making.